Men's UA Infil GORE-TEX® Boots

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Mens UA Infil GORE-TEX® Boots
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Product DNA

The durability and function of a tactical boot plus UA’s signature athletic innovations to boost comfort and performance.
  • Breathable GORE-TEX® membrane is 100% waterproof but still allows sweat to escape so you stay dry
  • Auxetic form-fitting material covers the forefoot
  • TPU toe cap & added external heel support
  • Scratch-resistant rubber heel overlay for added durability
  • Carbon fibre internal shank plate for added stability
  • Rugged, high-traction rubber lug outsole engineered for better grip through harsh terrain
  • Desert Sand colour way (290) features exclusive A-Tacs® camo pattern
  • Height: 18cm
  • Weight: 480g.
  • Imported


This is what makes our gear work harder — and smarter — than anything else out there.


When the sun’s blazing, ordinary fabrics heat up quick, meaning you sweat harder, fatigue faster & lose focus.

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I wouldn't let me child jump in a puddle wearing these boots for fear her feet would get wet. I spent fifteen minutes in the rain and now have to hope that the newspapers I stuffed inside will absorb all the moisture that the over priced gore-tex did not prevent from seeping into the soles by my next shift tomorrow morning. I might as well have had sandals on for all the good these boots did. As long as you wear these in the desert and do not have to rely upon their "water resistant" feature then be my guest to purchase them.

Cheep material

I purchased my first pair a year ago and they were very comfortable but after about 4 months of using them in the town the rip stop material on the top of the foot started to rip on both sides of my foot after 6 months it was ripped all the way down both sides

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total disappointment (not reliable)

-they run really small -the ''GORE-TEX'' is not waterproof -the sole started to unglue after 2 weeks had them for two months and a half and they're ripping open. Plus I haven't been mistreating them. only used them in the city. I had high expectations for these boots considering the price and they're really disappointing. they wont even last one season of walking in town. do not buy...unless you feel like buying 4 pairs a year!

Cheap material

I purchased my first pair a year ago and they were very comfortable but after about 3 months of working outside and hunting the rip stop material on the top of the foot started to rip on both sides of my foot after 4 months it was ripped all the way down both sides Thinking I maybe just had a defective pair. I got a new pair because they are so comfortable. 4 months later and it's the same story. Just no where worth the price

Not worth the $

I am a Correctional Officer and need to wear duty boots every day. When I came across these boots they looked perfect and promised a comfortable fit and sturdy product. Nothing could be further than the truth. After wearing these boots for 1 week I got big blisters on the back of my ankles from rubbing, it almost felt like the plastic like material was stabbing into my ankles. I figured it was just part of the break in process and continued to wear the boots but doubled up my socks to prevent the stabbing feeling. After about a month I noticed the side of the boot was starting to tear in a few different places on my right boot. I have also noticed lately that my feet have began to hurt while wearing these boots and making it uncomfortable to walk or run while I am at work. While I understand that due to my job duties I should expect normal scuff marks on my boots I would not expect them to wear down as fast as they did or cause the pain that they cause. Overall I am very displeased with these "Tactical boots" and would not recommend anyone to purchase these boots if you plan on wearing them as a duty boot.

Incredibly comfortable and light, lasted only 1 week.

I broke the boots in while participating in military free fall school and they were amazingly comfortable and lightweight. I used them for nsw landwarfare training and they didn't even last one week before getting a hole the size of a quarter on the top across the toes. The fabric is not durable whatsoever. They are marketed as military infil boots but couldn't even handle one week of military training.

Prone to splitting

Have owned these boots since Nov 2016 (3 months) and have worn them around 30 times on mixed terrain. Both boots have split behind the rubber toe protector creating two distinct holes in the outer. My partner (who purchased as a gift) is currently trying to return. Poor quality or latent design defect as I would estimate these boots have only covered around 200 miles. My experience would suggest anyone thinking of purchasing these boots should reconsider.

  • Split 1
  • Split 2
  • Hardly worn sole.

Horrible tread

I work in a very wet climate. This tread is like walking on ice when it is wet out. Worthless for patrol in wet climate.

Very comfortable., but wears too quickly

As soon as I received these boots, I absolutely loved them. Very light, comfortable and solid grip. However, considering these boots are designed for LEO's and peace officers, I had a lot higher expectations. They've lasted 5 months, and the vamps on both have worn holes. Most officers only receive one boot allowance a year, and at this price, I expected more UA. I'm really disappointed.


The style of boot is fantastic and my husband received them as a gift for Christmas. The big problem is that the size 14 (his regular size) runs small (at least by a size). We measured them against two of his other shoes and you can definitely see at least a size smaller difference. UA does not make anything in this style larger than a 14.