Men's UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Running Shoes

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Men's UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Running Shoes

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Our ultimate long-distance running shoe has reached its third evolution. This lightweight, neutral shoe is built on a premium, extremely cushioned midsole for unmatched comfort.
  • RUNNING STYLE: Extremely cushioned, neutral shoe designed to deliver unmatched comfort
  • Innovative UA SpeedForm® construction molds to the foot for a precision fit, eliminating all distraction
  • Threadborne midfoot panel provides structure & distinct style
  • Engineered mesh used on the tongue & toe box to enhance fit & increase ventilation
  • Internal heel counter provides seamless, lightweight support & structure
  • Embedded sockliner for added cushioning, support & seamless comfort
  • Charged Cushioning® midsole uses compressed foam for even greater responsiveness & durability, providing optimal cushioning & energy return
  • Micro G® heel unit increases protection & stabilization
  • Blown rubber under the forefoot is lightweight yet incredibly responsive
  • High-abrasion rubber placed under the heel to help absorb ground contact
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Weight: 280g.
  • Imported

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One Of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. #1

Gave me blisters

I did like the soles of the shoe, felt like they gave me a little extra spring. The stock like material on the top looks and feels good, but does not hold my foot in place while running. I got a blister on the ball of my foot from sliding around while on a 3 mile run. There also needs to be cushion on the heel, the top of the heel was rubbing my foot raw. I need to return my shoes, because I cannot use these as my running shoes.

Blisters in warm weather, record equipped broken out of the box

Sadly this shoe gives me terrible blisters if I run in warm weather, and it rubs in cool weather, always aroun the front of the arch. Other shoes I have used simply dont rub here. Also fom the get go the "record equipped" technology didn't work, it never tracked a single thing, and from reading about it it doesnt seem very useful anyway. I only ended up with it because the shop I was in only sold the equipped version.

Terrible design flaw

I thought these would be perfect... The shoe is a perfect fit, the toe box is wide enough, the arch support and heel cup and integrated seamlessly and great stability when running. The major problem is that the back at the heel cuts in at my achilles tendon and rubs blisters. It wasn't bad at first, but after the first couple of miles I was miserable and had to run back. Almost thought about calling uber, I was so miserable.


Nice pair of running shoes. Look durable and comfortable.

Not as good as the gemini 2

A bit disappointed in these as I had high expectations. I am a PE teacher and my feet hurt so bad in these at the end of the day I figured I would give them another try. Next day, hurt worse. So, when I bought these, I bought two pair, another color. I figured it was that particular pair. So, I tried the other pair, which are a different color and I experienced the same thing. My heel particularly hurts so bad at the end of the day, I could hardly walk.

Wore out too soon!!!

I purchased my shoes from an outlet store in mid May when we went to California for a graduation. I didn't start using them until the last week of May. I ran in them maybe 20 miles in the last 10 weeks. I mostly walked 12-15 miles a week in them at best. So the shoes have maybe 150-200 miles on them. I have not broken down the midsole, nor worn out the heel area. I am 6 feet tall and under 200 lbs. There is no reason I should have worn the shoes out in this manner in such a quick amount of time. Another issue I had with the right shoe specifically, was the collar constantly cutting at my ankle bone on the lateral side. The lack of padding in the collar area made them unbearable until I added a little padding in my sock around the collar height to prevent the shoes from cutting into my ankles. Lastly, UA size 13's run small! I am a 12.5 and have worn 13 since i was 16 years old. The last of these shoes are pointy like women's dress shoes, not sure why. I have never met anyone with that shape foot naturally. As I toe'd off, my 3rd and 4th toes extended out and continuously hit the end, thus causing a blister at the end of my toes. I think UA should revisit their molds and lasts in the larger sizes. The only running one should do in these shoes, are running errands.

Shoes hurt

Pain, pain, pain. When I first put these shoes on they felt great -- a lot like my current favorite shoes from another brand. Then I ran in them. My left foot started to get hot so I cut my run short. Being stubborn, I've put almost 50 miles on them. But today's run will be the last in these shoes because I was limping by the end, my left foot hurt so much. I just can't continue running in them. That rates as an epic fail in my book. Lousy first impression of UA shoes.

Stay away if you liked the Gemini 1 and/or 2

This shoe is so far removed from the cushioned Gemini concept it's almost unbelievable. There is almost no cushioning at all, feels like the sole is a stiff board compared to previous Gemini versions. It's a shame too because the previous two versions were great running shoes. If you like a "minimalist" cushioning feel, these shoes are for you. Looks like I'm going to have to try the new HOVR series if I'm going to stick with UA running shoes.

Love the Gemini 1 and 2. These are disappointing.

I'm a distance runner, running 1/2 and full marathons. The 1st and second generation Gemini's were fantastic, but these were disappointing. It's really a different shoe from the first two versions. The Gemini 3 is more stiff, runs a bit larger than the first two, and is not as comfortable. I did several 5-6 mile training runs in them and I felt beat up. My feet, ankles and legs hurt like back when I first got into running. For a 10 mile run I had to switch back to my used up (400 miles) Gemini 2.1's and it felt like I was wearing new shoes again. I understand companies need to keep innovating and updating their offerings, but this shoe is a big fail for me. I miss the Gemini 1's, which were the best of the series for me.