Men's UA TriBase™ Reign Training Shoes

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Mens UA TriBase™ Reign Training Shoes
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Men's UA TriBase™ Reign Training Shoes

Product DNA

When you hit the gym, you need to feel as connected with the floor as possible. Every lift, rep, and WOD starts from the ground up. UA TriBase™ technology maximises ground control with three points of contact for a low, stable base that still allows natural foot flexibility.
  • Built for intense workouts with a tough ripstop material & durable mesh for lightweight support & all-around abrasion resistance
  • UA TriBase™ in the outsole maximizes ground contact where your foot needs it the most, allows for superior upwards flexibility to promote natural motion, & downwards flexibility to grip the ground during lifts
  • External heel counter for increased stability & heel lock-in
  • Full-length Micro G® foam midsole for the ultimate in responsive cushioning
  • Full-rubber outsole wraps up the lateral & medial sides for greater durability & added abrasion resistance with medial rope grip
  • Strategic rubber build under the toe box for a more powerful floor grip
  • Low to the ground construction allows for greater feel & power transfer
  • Non-removable insole
  • Offset: 2mm
  • Weight: 292g
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Amazing training shoe

Under Armour nailed it with these training shoes! My favorite training shoe. Perfect fit, durable, stability on upper and lower shoe, and can do any workout you want in them. Love these!

Just brilliant.

These shoes are super comfortable, have just enough give, but are solid under foot for leg days. Very pleased and will buy another pair when the existing pair expire, unless they've been updated and superseded by then. Very impressed with the finish and apparent quality.

Massive design flaw

The inside is constructed with tabs / straps designed to hold the tongue in place. This hinder easy slip on and off significantly and the inner straps appear to be poorly made... meaning they will tear in time with slip on and off. In CF slipping shoes on and off fast is key as you swap to lifters. Clearly someone who watches CF and does not participate in CF designed these. Remake the design and you have a functional shoe.

Fit for Cross Fit

They provide excellent support and keep you firmly on the ground as they provide you with better stance. They are also not heavy and fit perfect with general sport socks on. The build quality is very impressive and is durable. I find doing squats in these is much easier. No negative feedback but have only owned them for a month but you can check out Obese to Beast on YouTube as he has these in the red and did a review on his channel

Not for the wider foot

I have had a few issues with certain UA shoes being too narrow. I was concerned with this due to the heavily built insole for rope work. The shoe is incredibly well built but too narrow. If you have wider feet, use caution.

A little snug

The comfort level is pretty good and the length is adequate. It does run a little narrow, though. Good for lifting and a small distance running. Really small distance.

Metcon Killers

I've always been an UA fan, but they did not have a decent training shoe which is why I've been using the Metcon 3 for over a year. Finally, in December they came out with a serious training shoe to compete with the Metcon and I ordered it immediately. Although, I am bias towards UA I will do my best to be as honest as possible. First off, the sizing is about right... it does feel a little loose at times but going down half a size might be too tight. I am happy I went true to size with this model. I've been using the shoe for all my workouts since receiving the item, and they have been phenomenal. The stability on these are amazing, which lead me not to wear my AdiPower shoes during squats/bench. The TriBase technology does come in handy for turf sprints, sled runs, or walking lunges. The laces are difficult to pull from the lace hole, but I suppose that's a good thing to keep the shoe sturdy on your feet. In comparison, to the Metcon 3 I have been using I would say the ankle portion of the shoe was a bit more comfortable on the Metcon, but it was deteriorating a lot faster. The Reigns seem to be a lot more durable. Overall, I would purchase this shoe in another color way and the 2nd version of it when it releases.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable. Run a little big but not terrible. Would be nice if they were a little wider. Used for a moderate workout, great stability and comfort across all exercises. Would definitely recommend.

These are amazing in the gym. Note: Not for running

A shoe built with purpose, these are super stable and solid for lifting. You can do a few sprints in them, but if you are doing more than that go with a different shoe to run in

Excellent training shoe

This is the best low profile training shoe out. It has an amazing first step in comfort and gives you that feel of being so connected to the floor.