UA True Wireless Flash Headphones

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UA True Wireless Flash Headphones

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Product DNA

The first wireless earbuds actually designed specifically for runners—and the world took notice, naming them one of the best new running tech devices at CES 2019. They're engineered to stay in when you really start to move and they're also waterproof so when you sweat, it's no big deal. And, of course, you're still getting JBL-quality sound. No distractions, just speed.
  • Winged ear tips are secure but ultra-comfortable & designed to stay locked in while running
  • JBL® Charged Sound for bold sound tuned for sport, with rich bass to crush your workout
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth technology delivers wireless, zero-distraction performance
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life with a rugged aluminum 20-hour charging case
  • Bionic Hearing, a unique JBL sound & mic technology, allows athletes to still hear surroundings with Talk-Thru & Ambient Aware
  • Talk-Thru technology drops music down & turns on speech-optimised, noise-cancelling mics so you can easily talk between sets without removing your headphones
  • Ambient Aware technology allows you to continue to listen to your music during your workout, but still be aware of your surroundings
  • UA Stormproof waterproof technology with an IPX7 rating for ultimate water & sweat protection during your toughest workouts
  • Control functions for music, calls & more are engaged by pressing the centre buttons on the right & left ear buds
  • Bluetooth® wireless
  • Includes: 3 sizes of ear tips, 3 winged ear tip enhancers, charging case with Micro-USB port & charging cable
  • NOTE: This product can only be returned if found to be defective
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Best product

Super sound well disdained, amazing experience trend with loud music and phone calls you can answer

Just what I needed!

I purchased these earbuds not too long ago...I've had them for about a month or two now and I primarily use them for running and while I'm doing a lot of typing and manual writing at work. They sit well in my ears. I like that they come with changeable rubber cusions for your ears. The noise cancelling is perfect for when I want to tune out annoying coworkers an outside noice while running. But I legit take these things everywhere I go. I never leave the house without them. I like that the case is a charger. I never run out of power with these earbuds. I think that this is the best purchase I've ever made. I immediately tossed out all my other head phones after a few uses of these. I sometimes have issues with the buds not syncing correctly with the left and right sides, but easily fixed by placing them back in the charging case and then giving them time to resync with one another when removing them from the case. Other than that I haven't had any issue with this purchase.

Great Headphones

Love these headphones. They have a good fit and wont fall off your ears during your workout.

Great fit and sound

I was looking for a replacement for my Bose wireless sound sport earbuds which had great sound, but proved unreliable (after some time they stop working which I think is due to sweat / moisture during workout and this was the same with multiple replacements). I read reviews (user reviews are best as they give the real experience) for most leading true wireless earbuds and most appear to have connectivity issues / dropouts between left and right. Then I came across under armour true wireless. On the basis of the reviews (and good YouTube ones as well) I went for these. I have used them for over a month now and can say that overall they are great, especially for sport / running (the main purpose I bought them). Positives and negatives are below. Positives far outweigh the negatives (which are bearable but could be improved). Positives: - sound (for the type of earbud it’s great with good bass and overall quality. I noticed that sound improves depending how good you fit it and seal within the ear. The sound is not as good as good around the ear headphones, but for this type it’s about 8.5/10). - ambience noise etc (you don’t hear anything outside in normal mode, but there is an ambient mode if you want to hear around you). - great fit (they never feel like they are coming out and they have different buds for S/M/L). - water resistance rating is better than most other brands (essential for longevity if using for sports). - wireless / connectivity is great (I have hardly had any issues / dropouts at all). - battery life (4-5 hours comfortably plus the charging case means you don’t have to charge with external power for a long time). - wireless talking (I could hear the other person and they could hear me clearly with minimal background noise when I was in a noisy airport). Negatives: - sound lag between audio and video (this isn’t much of an issue for me as I don’t primarily use for watching video etc, however there is a slight delay (it’s almost bearable but noticeable), maybe because of Bluetooth version, hence if your primary aim is for sports or audio then you will have no issue. If primary use is video then you may want to consider something else). - lack of volume control (you have to adjust volume from your device which is ok most times but can be a pain). - no rewind / previous track option (only play, pause, skip forward). - buttons (you have to press in quite firmly i.e. for play/pause etc, which pushes in to the ear. It would be better to have based on touch tap.

Buy them

These are the best for those who sweat a lot (like me) and whose ears don't fit apple's airpods. I had Beats and Bose earbuds and these are absolutely the best. They're secure in the ear, the bass is wonderful, sweat proof, and the charging case/dock is super convenient. Also, you can fast forward music by double tapping. Going back to how secure these earbuds stay, I'll describe what I purposefully did to try to make them fall out. I did burpies, wind sprints, jumping Jack's, weight lift, dancing, and shaking my head like a crazy person but, these earbuds held tight. I love them. If you're on the fence, get off it and buy them

Best I've used

I have had these for a few weeks now and can honestly say I love these. I use them primarily for running outside with some occasional treadmill / gym use also. Finally someone combined the best of both using the truly wireless and adding the "wings" to the earpiece to keep them in your ear. I tried the AirPods and the Bose truly wireless and even if they didn't fall out they constantly felt like they might, which would drive me crazy. These things don't move at all in my ears, they even provide you with 3 sizes for the wings which are separate from the buds, which they also give you three sizes so you can really customize them to fit you. Using the medium size I can still hear all around me when outside. The mic for phone calls is okay, but not uncommon with these devices that the person on the other end gets wind / ambient noise. The sound quality is good, I have actually had better, but with the fit I am willing to give up a little in that area in exchange.

My gym buddy

I had some Powerbeats 3 that I was using in the gym but I wanted something different. I bought and returned multiple headphones then I found these bad boys. True love at first sight. I knew once I opened the box and saw the aluminum chargining case these were made with high quality. These fill up your ear canal way better than the Powerbeats and the automatic syncing is a true treat for the daily user. Battery life is not as good as the beats but it gets the job done for sure. Love the bass in these also.

By far the best wireless gym headphones I've ever had

UA nailed it with this product. It fits perfectly (out of the box for me, I don't even notice it when I have it on) and doesn't fall out during intense workouts (amateur classic bodybuilding). I've owned other wireless headsets previously (a Jabra Bluetooth unit designed for athletes); they cost around $50-75.00 more and in comparison were lacking in quality and design. This is a best in class product and I'm more than satisfied. If I left these at home after heading to the gym, I'd turn around and get them. Thanks UA. I bought some shares A-Class shares (stock/equity) of your company today as I'm very impressed in general w/ you all & Kevin (CEO)--

Worth it!

I tried several pairs before getting the UA True Wireless Flash. They are more expensive but you get what you pay for. The fit is better, though it took me several days to get used to the ear tips; the sound is better; you get Talk Thru; and the battery life is the best. With everyday use, I didn't have to recharge for 2.5 weeks!

great headphones

I have issues with earbuds staying in my ear but decided to try these out. I am surprised but how great these stay in my ear and sound. I did a full workout and never had to adjust them once. I'm still learning about the different features but I am very happy with my purchase.