Men's UA Storm Tactical Patrol Trousers

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Height: Size: Fit: Loose
Men's UA Storm Tactical Patrol Trousers

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Product DNA

The fabric is extra-durable ripstop with UA Storm technology to make moisture bead up & roll right off.
  • Loose: Fuller cut for complete comfort
  • UA Storm gear uses a DWR finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability
  • Extra-durable ripstop fabric is tough enough to put up with anything in the field
  • Stretch-engineered waistband for superior mobility & insane comfort
  • Reinforced knees & crotch provide superior durability
  • Offset belt loops allow proper holster placement
  • Dual cargo pockets with internal mag holders
  • Straight leg
  • 205g Polyester


This is what makes our gear work harder — and smarter — than anything else out there.


When the sun’s blazing, ordinary fabrics heat up quick, meaning you sweat harder, fatigue faster & lose focus.

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The Best

I bought 1-OD and 1-Tan in Feb 2017. They have been wore twice a week since. It is 2021 now and I am still wearing them. I served in the USMC and wish we had pants like this. The only part that is starting to wear is the front pockets. I think I can get another year out of them. I will be buying these until I can't find them anymore. Great pants.

Not water resistant

I bought these when I got my Belgian Shepherd knowing he’d need exercising in all conditions, these trousers leaked in medium rainfall the first time I wore them. My Storm jacket leaked after a month and my UA gortex boots leaked after a few months. I don’t think the Storm technology is fit for purpose.

Really comfortable

These pants are really comfortable. Well made as well. They may be a bit pricey but i would 100% recommend them.

Excellent trousers

Bought for the other half. True to size. Great fit and quality. Nice amount of stretch.

Everything you'd expect and more - In-depth review

In short, as advertised. Recommended highly. This will be long, but the experience I speak to should allow you to understand why I regard these highly and why I placed another order for eight more pairs. Overview: There isn't a category I can select for this review based on what I utilize these for, but over the past couple of years of experience with these I can confirm they are effective far better than any other type I've put the same amount of trial and wear through. And I'm not speaking about sports or one or two occasional uses. These are meant for heavy work as the name implies. I've used these pants in extremely hazardous environments more so than most likely ever will. Former military. I work with medical and work with long-range ground search and rescue. I've been in most types of environments from deserts to mountains to tundras. Baring bone-soaking rain or the need for dedicated gear while wading through rivers/marshlands, these pants are my go to for anything not needing a dedicated outfit. These are my daily wear for the clinic or around town. These are also my wear for patrols, mountain rescue, or for a simple trail hike. Out of the approximate two years I've had these I've easily worn them for about a year-and-a-half of those days and heavily utilized them consistently every week in a wide range of environments. I've done everything from falling down mountainsides to using them as impromptu gloves/hand warmers while freezing in a hastily set up tent. Material: The material is very durable and weight is equal to most other options on the market, if not slightly lighter than other heavy duty fabrics. In two years time I've been able to take everything from knife strikes to heavy gear and ruck packs riding into the material. In this time I've just barely - and I use this word lightly - begun to see some pulling away at the corners of the pockets from years of packing them with tools and other equipment and all the shifting and jarring during heavy environmental wear. After two years I have begun to see some color fading in the belt region on both the front and back. This is merely cosmetic and should be expected after years of heavy use. Frankly I expected it far sooner. This speaks highly to material durability. There is no fraying of the leg bases and the main pockets are smartly designed with the stretch webbing to give a bit of give and keep any tearing from occurring. This material stands out very strongly to me. If I can fall and roll down the side of a snow-covered mountain into a treeline and get back up without any puncturing, tearing in material or seams, or other non-cosmetic damage then this earns my mark. For weather considerations the fabric performs as advertised in most types of poor weather, save very heavy rain or wading through thigh-high or higher water. Know there is a difference between water resistant and water proof. Please also note this is only a concern if carrying items in the pockets as the pockets are not meant to keep water out. The fabric functions great and dries quickly. Unless you're drenched and in the arctic causing you to freeze or you opted in your infinite wisdom to not carry your electronics in a waterproof holder and they got wet. True story. Other than this, you will not have any concerns and I'd argue this would be more "user error" than anything at that point. Buttons, Zipper, Sewing: The buttons and zipper hold up extremely well. No detachments in all this time. Zipper is as it was the first day. Buttons and button holes function as they were the first day. The only consideration with this I have is that 1.5 years in, some of the threads holding one button on each of the side pockets began to come undone. However, half a year later from then this still isn't an issue and is mainly cosmetic. I have no concerns. With the amount of trauma they've taken I expected more wear to occur. If it becomes a concern, all that's needed is a quick sewing with new thread. Easy fix. The rest of the threading has been wonderful. Function: Overall this has been wonderful. I have to say that with extreme heat (110 Fahrenheit//43 Celsius to 130 Fahrenheit//54 Celsius) is where there will be some trade offs with this versus other coverings. The material is dense and offers great protection as well as good protection against all elements particularly wind and cold, but runs a bit hot in high heat due to the fabric. It's primary function is defense and longevity. If you're either not used to high heat environments and you're doing heavy work, not being able to sweat effectively with your legs, or it's day two of five and you're carrying 100-plus pounds of gear with weapon while rucking up a mountain in 90 to 110 Fahrenheit temperature with no shade you will feel strained by the heat. Is this a deal-breaker? No. But if you're working this hard and to you the trade-off is worth it then you'll have a good system with these pants and they will offer great sun resistance. Just take breaks to not cause heat exhaustion. If you don't like heavy, long-term work in the heat then you may want to look for another option or transition to a more temperature-friendly piece because this will trap some of the heat in very hot climates. Movement is nice once they're broken in. Recommend an initial wash before wearing the first time. Far, far, far better than jeans or a similar material. By far. For general comfort wear I'd rather wear these as well. Easy movement and they can be worn over 96 hours straight without any chaffing or issues. I love the loose-fitting waistband. Great for a gun belt. Simple, effective, and not too tight like most pants are. No issues without a belt, but if you want them less loose, you can tighten your belt a notch and they'll fit snug. I can also confirm that long-term wear without cleaning works. Four days of constant wear without cleaning or changing while searching for missing persons in back country and no odors. This was a year after purchase at the time. Was as advertised and proves to me this capability remains long-term. Still no issues a year after that. Washing does not degrade this capability. Belt loops, Cargo pocket magazine loops: Of course this all depends on the belt. That being said, I've never had an issue with the belt loops. I also prefer them to be slightly larger and more accommodating for a larger sized belt. This is great. Civilian pants are usually sized for smaller belts and have flimsy loops that wear out easily. These ones accommodate both the civilian size, but can just take a larger width size if needed and are thicker. Stitching is good too. It is a slight fit, but is doable if your internal for your gun belt cannot size smaller. Ronin 1.5 inch inner belts will fit very, very well with no issues. My recommended go to for daily and stuff I do wear. The magazine loops are great additions. Whoever had this idea should have been given a raise. Now I don't use these for magazines myself, but this feature is great for centering gear inside the pockets and organizing so it doesn't get jumbled around. I really like this. For admin, tools, keys, and other small items it's a simple system that really helps. Summary: So are these worth it compared to other options? Short answer. You will not go wrong with these in most circumstances. Barring extreme high energy work in extremely high temperatures, you get a good system what will last you in all climates for years without issue whether it's for general wear around town, athletic-related activities, or participating in heavy duty search and rescue work. You will have a good system well worth what you trade for it. Stay safe and have a wonderful day. Improvement recommendations for Underarmor: Honestly, not much. A bit of reinforced stitching in the upper corners on all pockets and material on the main pants in that area to keep long-term tearing of the top corners in check. This isn't bad at all, but is one area to add a bit more to for long-term wear. Reinforcing the outer edge of the pocket flaps to cut down on fraying around the flap edges, corners, and connection points between the pocket flap pieces is another recommendation. Honestly, just reinforcing some of the stitching near the edges. It's a stretch for me to find something needing to improve for this. These pants are a great pattern design. Simple and effective. My only other critique is that I really want to see more tactical non-skinny jean designs for "non-sports" needs if you catch my drift. There's too many things meant for looks and not as many for form and function in dynamic environments. I'd love to see one or two additional storm-type patrol pants options building off of these for the future. Maybe a desert/sun shirt-like version for one and a more cold-resistant alpine/arctic version for another? Build out the storm name into its own Underarmor mini-collection for tactical/patrol option clothing! It'd give another great idea for a new collection to add to the website. You already have some good items to start it and I'm sure your development team would love the challenge and the cause. "UA Storm - Built by those who serve for those who serve". "Military, veteran, law enforcement, medical, search and rescue, adventurer." Part of the proceeds could go towards supporting veteran organizations and helping to get veterans off the streets. Please don't mess with the original. And please keep the bayou color. These are wonderful. I would though like to see more tactically-patterned items like these that aren't the enduro pants. Maybe with a slightly expanded size for the side cargo pockets? It would be nice to able to fit more gear, a light rain system, or a stripped down MRE in each cargo pocket. But that's just my own selfish request. Stay safe.

1 pair a nice fit, the other not so much.

Ordered a 34 and a 36 in desert color, returned the 36 for another 34 in black, couldn’t button them lol. I’ve had this happen before so no biggie, like the pants, comfortable for construction work but would like the waist band to be a little more flexible similar to the other tapered cargo I wear everyday. (They are under armor) The return was very easy, and surprisingly the black pair I requested came within 4 days of submitting the return.

El yejido es super resistente. Lo que yo buscaba.

Muy buena compra. Sobretodo pensando en la comodidad y la durabilidad. Muy recomendable por esto.

Too loose

Was really keen to get a high-quality pair of combat trousers, but these are so loose around the calf area they resemble 1960's flares! The material seems good but unfortunately they looked silly when I put them on and had to return

Great Pants, But No OD Green Anymore

Love the pants, was going to get my dept to switch to them, but can no longer find the OD Green, disappointing.

Pocket buttons too hard to open and close quickly

Great trousers ,changing the buttons to Velcro like the tactical elite trousers plus adding a zipped security pocket would make these trousers perfect for any situation