UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock Edition

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Height: Size: Fit: One Size Fits All
UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock

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Product DNA

“Project Rock is not a brand, it’s a movement. It’s a core belief, that I 100% don’t care what colour you are, how old you are, where you come from or what you do for a living. The only thing I care about is you and me, building the belief that regardless of the odds, we can overcome and achieve—but it all starts with the work that we’re willing to put in with our two hands."—Dwayne Johnson
  • Grip material completely lines the inner headband & ear cushions, providing a soft feel & maximum stability
  • JBL® Charged Sound for bold sound tuned for sport with rich bass to crush your workout
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth® technology delivers cable-free, zero-distraction performance
  • 16-hour battery life lets you power through a whole week of workouts & a 5-minute Speed Charge provides you one hour of playback
  • Talk-Thru technology drops music down & turns on speech-optimised, noise-cancelling mics so you can easily talk between sets without removing your headphones. You can also mute your mic in calls & trigger Siri® or Google Now™
  • Includes: Headphones, Carry Case, Charge Cable, Audio Cable, Quick Start Guide, Safety Sheet & 1-year Warranty Card
  • Rugged, on-ear design, with an IPX4 rating, built to withstand the toughest gym conditions
  • UA SuperVent ear cushions deliver true breathability in a light, durable, fast-drying fabric that is removable & hand washable
  • Oversized controls with premium finishes provide durability & easy access
  • Rugged metal hinges fold earcups into the headband for compact carrying
  • Molded hard case for on-the-go protection
  • NOTE: This product can only be returned if found to be defective
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  • NOTE: Contains components not suitable for general waste

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Poor battery life.

The sound is good and comfortable. But when I fully charge them the battery will start draining even when turned off at a rate of about 40% in 24 hours. Done this since they were new. Not impressed.


The product was worth the spending. Love the product ... helps A LOT in the gym. No complaints


So the headphones are great until you sweat in them a few times, they stink and hand washing helps for 1 training session but i have had to stop using them in the gym i also asked UA if they sell replacement earphone covers but they dont poor design

Last ditch effort

I have been struggling with finding ear buds to fit my ears and as an avid walker and someone who sweats a lot I was extremely frustrated. I was hesitant on headphone due to bulk and I'll fits historically. I received the wireless train headphones as a gift. The fit around my ear is excellent, headsizing is easy and fit is snug but not tight. Quality of sound is top notch. Charging/battery is beyond expectation and certainly lasts.

How do I remove the ear pieces?

I have had the headphones for almost a year and use them daily. They are awesome but are getting a little funky. I want to remove the ear pieces to wash them. Are there any instructions for removal and wash? Thank you

Amazing quality

I waited a couple of months after getting these headphones, because I wanted to write the most helpful review possible. Female. 31. Gym rat. The removable ear cushions are SO NICE. I only use these for the gym and I sweat a lot, so the fact that the cushions are removable was a big selling point. Very easy to remove and replace once I figured out how to do it. No diminished quality after washing. Very comfortable for long periods of time (1.5-2 hours). They don’t slip off your head, even while your body is parallel to the ground. The sound quality is sooo nice. They aren’t considered sound-proof so you can still be somewhat aware of your surroundings, but you get tons of good sound and the bass bumps. The buttons are easy to use. Straight-forward. The range from headphones to iPhone is great. I put my phone in a locker and walk all around. I don’t lose connection between neighboring rooms, even with big stone wall in between. Overall, very impressed. Outstanding product.

Best Headphones i have purchased

This product is the best product from the Project Rock Collection i have purchased.


By far the best headphones ever made for the gym and all around usage the has been my favorite wrestler/idol for so long and all his products are definitely my go to for the gym period.

Really nice headphones

they are really comfy nice clear sound but i got one thing to say .. theyre not really loud ?? my beats were 10-20% louder then this thats my only down side but id like to get answered please i could be doing something wrong ...

The perfect gym headphone!!

Fantastic headphones. These are perfect for the gym. Unfortunately they are not great for outdoor running as they do not stop the wind but that’s only a minor issue. Great music pause facility that turns down slightly when tapped and a lovely design. Overall a brilliant set of well thought out headphones!